Ensure mobile service quality in crowded events through real-time network optimization

Whether it is a football game, festival, or a concert, delivering high speed broadband data and premium voice services during such events that involve a high density of mobile subscribers is a major challenge. As such, enhanced mobile user experience can only be achieved by taking real time, automated actions in the mobile network.

<manta><!--block-->Using Automated Actions to Drive Real-time Mobile Network Optimization</manta>

Using Automated Actions to Drive Real-time Mobile Network Optimization

Crowded mass events with millions of participants demand additional network capacity, driven by the growing popularity of smartphones. The mobile traffic profile is very different in such events and in most cases networks are not capable of handling the increased demand. In order to solve this issue, operators should invest in additional network capacity by deploying macro or small cells, or use the existing capacity more efficiently. The first solution is not a viable option in terms of ROI (Return on Investment) as it brings additional cost and the additional capacity will only be needed during the time of the event.

P.I. Works offers a turn-key, fully automated real-time optimization solution with down to tens of seconds reaction time and closed loop optimization actions, along with pre/post-event optimization services. The solution is able to orchestrate the traffic load on a real time basis and ensures premium mobile experience for all subscribers.

Performance and Capacity Optimization During Special Events

Performance and Capacity Optimization During Special Events

P.I. Works solution built on the P.I. Works EVO Platform™ delivers proactive optimization actions, which results in significant traffic gains.

  • Real-time south bound interface based load monitoring allows instant load tracking and proactively resolves potential issues.
  • Wide-range of vendor and technology specific optimization parameters boost user experience significantly.
  • Fully closed-loop operations coupled with pre-event and post-event optimization activities improves engineering efficiency by 75%.
  • AI-assisted prediction engine identifies the load imbalance and interference issues, thus minimizing the capacity expansion requirement and reducing the effort for mobile site operations.

Superior Mobile Experience Delivered

Real-time closed-loop actions combined with P.I. Works engineering know-how maximizes the network performance in crowded events

Zero investment for the infrastructure expansions

Minimized engineering effort for event monitoring

Significant traffic gains and improved accessibility

Up to 81% reduction on congested calls

P.I. Works Special Event Handling reduces network congestion by 81%

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