Become Lean and Drive Operational Excellence

Offload responsibility for managing your network to an expert team with expert solutions to manage complexity and to achieve more.

Strong Network 

Better Network 

Lower Network 


Managed Services for the Entire Network

P.I. Works Managed Services target access, transmission and core networks, delivering end to end improvements across 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G.

SON-Powered Services Drive Efficiency

Automation and AI Based Services

Our vendor-agnostic, automation and AI based portfolio is bundled with our network engineers to maximize network performance, eliminate complex configuration errors, and drive operational excellence.

Managed services over the Entire Network Management Lifecycle




Setting up a strong network that is aligned with your budgetary plans and business objective is a key element of providing better customer experience.

Services Delivered

High level Planning: Perform network design based on technical and business requirements

  • Ran Planning
  • Access Transmission Planning
  • Core Planning

Low level Planning: Allocate resources to the correct activity for optimal configuration of network elements.

  • Coverage Planning
  • Capacity Planning
  • Frequency & Resource Planning
  • IP/MPLS Planning
  • Fronthaul/Backhaul Microwave Planning
  • License / Feature Planning

P.I. Works EVO Platform in the hands of expert network engineers automates network quality optimization, finding and implementing the best solution. The objective is to make the network more competitive with cost effective solutions. EXA, VantagePM, Experia, Inspection and Configurex are the products used throughout the process.

Services Delivered

  • Network Parameters Tuning
  • End to End Feature Implementation
  • Carrier, Band & Refarming Implementation
  • Frequency, Code & Resource Optimization
  • Interference Management
  • VoLTE Optimization
  • Address Coverage & Quality Related issues
  • VIP & Corporate Customer Complaint Analysis
  • Benchmark & VIP Route Assurance
  • IP/MPLS Network Optimization
  • Fronthaul/Backhaul Microwave Network Optimization
  • Core Network Optimization

On-going operation and management of your network based on a well-defined SLA is successfully done by P.I. Works. Use of automation in network operations minimize human errors in the network and improve overall efficiency. 

Services Delivered

  • Configuration Management
  • New Site & Revisions
  • Vendor Swap
  • Rehome
  • Mobile Site Integrations
  • IP Conversion & Rerouting
  • Planned / Unplanned Event Handling
  • Audit-Consistency
  • Operations Automation

Ooredoo Algeria Extends Partnership Scope with 
P.I. Works to Include Nationwide Next-Gen Managed Service

Managed Services built on our P.I. Works EVO Platform ensures on-going management of multi-vendor HetNets to ensure the best mobile user experience through advanced automation. Our solution driven approach helps operators solve specific pain points. 

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