24/7 E2E Automated Network Management

Intelligent Automation Beyond RAN, Powered by AI

EXA offers the most comprehensive AI based automation capabilities. With its Open API support and flexible automation algorithms, mobile operators can optimize and manage their multi-vendor networks end-to-end and centrally while improving customer experience.

  • 30% OpEx and CapEx reduction through AI-Driven automation
  • 70% congestion problems resolved
  • 9%  reduced electricity costs through AI Based Energy Saving
  • 18% faster download speeds
  • 3X higher-traffic handled with no service quality problems during Special Events

Intelligent Automation Beyond RAN, Powered by AI

EXA helps operators manage and optimize the most complex networks in the most efficient way, orchestrating the entire network on a 24/7 basis to improve the user experience.

  • Machine learning powered proactive network management to take customer focused actions and increase net promoter score. 
  • Set-and-forget approach with cognitive site profiling, exclusion management and auto-rollback mechanisms. 
  • Open-API support, flexible & fully configurable policies make future-ready closed-loop operation viable.
  • 50+ AI-based & field proven modules supporting all vendors and all technologies including 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G.
  • Shared network support for secure data segregation 

360° Network & Business Analytics

VantagePM, the next generation end-to-end performance management product, is the most trusted business intelligence solution for mobile operators, owing to its self-service, easy to use interactive dashboard, reporting and alarm management capabilities. 

  • Single Pane of Glass for end-to-end network performance monitoring
  • No Coding required to create and schedule dashboards and reports
  • Easy-to-Analyze interactive dashboards and reports for your entire network
  • Unified & Vendor Agnostic KPIs to tidy-up vendor complexity for simpler network monitoring
  • Proactive Response to performance issues with self-service reporting and proactive alarms

360° Network & Business Analytics

VantagePM offers intelligent and vendor agnostic insights related to your network activities, enabling you to make the right decisions and improve mobile user experience.

  • Multi-tenant custom interactive dashboards and flexible user management: VantagePM allows fully customizable dashboards for any type of user profile and also for user defined custom roles with flexible rights. It provides user access/rights management in a fully controlled manner.
  • Extensive “off-the-shelf” interface adaptors and reporting libraries: Fast integration of any VantagePM module to the network with full functionality is a distinct advantage. It provides significant time to market reduction and improves engineering efficiency. 
  • RAN, Transmission, Core, IN/IT Network support: VantagePM ensures end to end network performance monitoring by correlating and reporting data from different domains.
  • PM, CM, FM, CEM, Ticketing, P.I. Works EXA data correlation: Solution combines the data from multiple, disparate sources. Analyzed results are reported to northbound trouble-ticketing and network management systems.
  • Web-user interface with advanced reporting and map visualization: Enhanced user experience and reporting functionalities are combined with complex mapping features to ensure comprehensive network performance analysis.
  • Proactive quality and SLA management with smart anomaly detection: Alarm service of VantagePM tracks all the managed systems 24/7 and enables smooth network operations with proactive and timely alarm notification.
  • Drill-down and roll-up functionalities: VantagePM helps you take preventive & proactive actions with precise drilldown and complex rollup functionalities across the reporting infrastructure.
  • Shared network support: This is provided from a single platform with advanced data segregation and combination capabilities.

Geolocated Customer Experience Analytics

Geolocated visualization of mobile network data helps mobile operators save time and cost, while accelerating the decision-making process for better customer experience.

  • Granular view of customer experience
  • Reduced subscriber churn via generating an accurate interpretation of the network and the customer data.
  • Driveless optimization with internal geolocation engine
  • Interoperability with EXA increases the precision of automated optimization actions to have targeted customer centric actions.

Geolocated Customer Experience Analytics

Geolocated visualization of mobile network data helps mobile operators save time and cost, while accelerating the decision-making process for enhancing customer experience.

  • Concurrent, correlated and layered visualization: Data retrieved from different sources are correlated and visualized on the same map to allow complex multidimensional analysis.
  • Third party data sources: With a flexible configuration-based structure, any location based data source can be easily incorporated into the Experia.
  • Internal call-trace processing engine: User events pinpointed with high precision based on call-trace analysis to get real customer experience insights.
  • Pinpoint and heatmap presentation: Engineers can visualize the data in different formats with just a few clicks. Legends and selective colors will adapt automatically.
  • Best serving cell analysis: The product supports best serving cells visualization as a heatmap based on signal strength levels.
  • Flexible benchmarking: Comparison based on quality metrics is available for configurable benchmarking items such as service provider, phone brand.
  • Crowdsourced and user application data analysis: Signal strength, coverage and crowdsourced quality metrics gathered from user equipment are overlaid on the same map. The data displayed on the map provides the results at a street level.

Automated Parameter Audit & Compliance

Configurex automatically maintains the integrity of the network parameter settings. It offers cross-technology and cross-vendor configuration parameter analysis functions including historical change detection, configuration audits, golden parameter compliancy checks.

  • Enabling a defect-free network for better customer experience and reduced customer complaint
  • Continuous change management achieved through historical parameter tracking
  • Rapid Integration Time of off-the-shelf functions. Time to result is approximately 2 weeks

Automated Parameter Audit & Compliance

Configurex uses the configuration management data to carry out the network health check automatically. The product tracks and controls the changes in the network parameters that is composed of multiple vendors and technologies and automatically fixes the inconsistencies based on operator’s policies.

  • Multiple technology support: Including 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G.
  • Multi-vendor support: Capabilities span Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia, Alcatel- Lucent and Samsung, ZTE and so on.
  • Historical parameter change tracking: Users can easily query parameter changes for a defined time period. No need to prior SQL or coding knowledge.
  • Distribution analysis: Parameter values are shown with histograms for the selected network zone and time period.
  • Finder audits: It recommends the optimum cell configuration based on the policies of the operator, such as finding the best PCI, PSC or BCCH for the selected cell location.
  • Configuration audits: Helps you quickly identify the inconsistent configuration parameters for a selected zone such as missing neighbor definition, incorrect external cell definitions or conflicting cell code usage.
  • Parameter compliance: It maintains the consistency of the network configuration based on operator’s network management strategy.

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