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Drive testing has been part of the network deployment and management process for quite some time. Long testing duration, costly data collection process and inability to analyze indoor traffic are some of the shortcomings of conventional drive testing. With driveless tuning, network data can be collected automatically, eliminating all the long and costly steps.

Driveless Tuning for Seamless Mobile Experience

Driveless Tuning for Seamless Mobile Experience

Variety of mobile devices and growing mobile traffic require introduction of new carriers, base stations and technologies in the radio network, which means increasing need for drive-tests. Complexity of wireless networks and increasing number of factors that affect network service quality require use of different methods for network performance measurement.

Fully automated data collection platform and geolocation engine allow operators to obtain the benefit of drive-testing at zero cost. In contrast to traditional drive-testing, P.I. Works solution captures the experience of mobile (outdoor) and stationary users (indoor), providing 360 view of user experience. Field results prove that Driveless Tuning solution reduces the drive-test efforts by 40% by automating site-acceptance, benchmarking and customer complaint analysis.

Solution is able to capture user equipment (UE) based service quality metrics, which makes trouble shooting of VIP complaints 3 times faster. Service analytics reports offer comprehensive summary of service metrics for different users, per device and per geography.

Driveless Tuning Applications

Driveless Tuning Applications

State-of-the-art call trace geolocation engine allows mobile operators to monitor radio environment quality metrics.

Driveless tuning solution minimizes the drive-test needs for post-launch optimization, thus reducing the drive-test efforts by 40%. Driveless RAN optimization process starts after sites are launched. It improves the service quality immediately. In contrast to traditional drive-test methods, driveless tuning approach involves stationary indoor traffic to maximize the user experience.

The driveless solution identifies the daily drive routes of VIP customers and captures the user activities periodically. Periodic virtual drive-testing of VIP subscriber routes is a proactive and targeted solution for the operators willing to boost user experience of specific customer groups. The solution not only identifies VIP routes but also improves network performance by taking closed-loop optimization actions in case of degradation.

Next Generation Network Quality Assurance

Driveless Tuning proposes the next generation of field testing and boosts network rollout efficiency while maximizing the user experience of VIP subscribers.

Reduced Drive-Test Needs for Post-Launch

3x Faster Time to Market

Green Network Operations

Location Based Quality Assurance for VIP Customers

Slashing Operational Costs via Driveless RAN Optimization

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