Service Management and Orchestration (SMO) Powering the Future of Network Management

P.I. Works' Service Management and Orchestration (SMO) solution provides a unified platform for automated network management across both traditional RAN and Open RAN environments.

P.I. Works EVO Platform supports seamless hybrid operations, ensuring that tomorrow’s Open RAN networks can coexist with today’s traditional RAN infrastructures. The platform boasts extensive capabilities for integrating external data sets and offers transparent, open operations, paving the way for an evolution towards intent-driven management.

Traditional and Open RAN Together

Traditional and Open RAN Together

P.I. Works, member of the O-RAN Alliance, integrates Non-RT RIC (Non-Real Time Radio Interface Controller) interfaces within its advanced EVO Platform. This unified platform empowers operators to efficiently manage both proprietary/legacy networks and Open RAN compliant equipment. 

The EVO Platform offers the industry's most extensive set of use cases, featuring over 50 automation scenarios, robust customization options, advanced trace processing, geolocation capabilities, aligned with sophisticated configuration policies. 

Embrace the future of network management with P.I. Works' EVO Platform, designed for seamless integration and superior performance in Open RAN ecosystem.

Openness as Main Principle

Openness as Main Principle

The P.I. Works Open RAN solutions are engineered for unparalleled flexibility and transparency, built from the ground up to adapt to diverse needs

  • Multi-Vendor: Offers comprehensive support for both Open RAN and proprietary RAN vendors together, including leading macro and small cell vendors

  • Open Ecosystem: Supports an open ecosystem with an SDK and framework to develop and onboard rApps, facilitating both self-developed and third-party use cases via Open APIs 

  • AI-Driven Insights: Utilizes state-of-the-art AI methods and models to gain deep insights and predictive analytics, driving more informed decisions and proactive network management for Level 4 Automation

  • Multi-Tenant: Enables the hosting of multiple solutions and use cases on a single, unified platform.

  • Off-the-shelf rApps: Leverage a rich set of off-the-shelf, field-proven rApps, ensuring rapid deployment and integration of advanced functionalities to meet your network's unique needs.

P.I. Works EVO Platform

An integrated & open platform for mobile network management


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P.I. Works Announces the General Availability of its Non-RT RIC to Further Accelerate the Open RAN Adoption by Mobile Operators

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