The Drive for Creating the Customer-Aware Network

In a quest to understand subscriber behavior better and deliver tailored mobile services, mobile operators have turned their focus on understanding how they can better make use of the existing data generated in their network. Correlating the radio network, crowdsourced, marketing, customer experience management data (CEM) and turning these inputs into actionable insights is the best way of achieving this goal and is a major driving force for gaining competitive advantage.

Customer Experience Above All

There are number of drivers of smart network automation and subscriber experience management as outlined below:

  • Diverse service and user device types, nonuniform site revenue levels, varying geographical VIP customer penetration levels.
  • Increasing number of technologies and growing heterogeneous radio network environment consisting of macro, micro and small cells.
  • Exploding data traffic loads driven by the increasing number of data hungry applications such as AR (Augmented Reality), UHD (Ultra HD) and AGV (Auto Guided Vehicles).

In order to deliver premium quality of experience to subscribers, smartly designed networks should be operated in an intelligent way. 

AI-assisted radio network optimization engine delivers 24/7 coverage and capacity optimization actions to maximize user experience. The solution improves key quality indicators such as video stalling time, RTT (round trip delay), Time-not-on-LTE and loading time of any multi-vendor and multi-technology network infrastructure.

AI-Assisted Customer Experience Management

P.I. Works solution helps operators to move from a reactive customer experience management model towards a proactive one. As opposed to traditional RF optimization methods, P.I. Works solution utilizes CEM KQIs while taking optimization actions to maximize the mobility experience of VIP customers.

Key capabilities of P.I. Works solution include:
  • Customer segment aware optimization
  • End-to-end visibility including radio, core and transmission
  • Location based mobility experience analysis
  • Predictive methods for traffic forecasting

Select use cases related to the solution are outlined below.
  • Smart LTE Coverage Optimization: uSON CCO+ offers coverage gap reduction and overshoot minimization functions. Based on the daily aggregated and cell-ID based KQIs captured from the CEM/Analytics system, sites are classified into categories, and special coverage optimization policies are applied.
  • Customer Profile Aware SON Policy Management: CEM/Analytics system identifies location based VIP customer penetration automatically, based on which compensation actions are triggered or restricted.
  • Service-Centric Optimization: Cells are scored and classified into predefined categories by using CEM KQIs and network KPIs. Mobility optimization policies are tailored automatically based on the nature of the problem in the network.

Stronger Brand Reputation Through Differentiated Experience

Redefining first-class mobility experience with AI-powered customer experience platform

Extensive VIP customer focus

Improved ARPU and customer loyalty

Proactive customer complaint resolution

Building the Customer Aware Mobile Network

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