Open Ecosystem

The Platform for Driving Limitless Innovation

Drivers for Adopting Open Ecosystem

Quick and agile development of new automation modules
Empowering your team with limitless innovation capabilities
No vendor lock-in and totally agnostic, enabling multi-vendor architectures
Capitalise on the co-development opportunities along with P.I. Works automation experts

P.I. Works Role in Open Ecosystem

Easy-to-Use API

Turn your innovative ideas into automation modules by using P.I. Works’ well documented, easy-to-use APIs. Leverage the data correlated and processed on our automation platform.

Vendor-Agnostic Data Mediation

Rapid access to standardized, vendor-agnostic data sources; configuration of your network through our Data Mediation Layer.

Integration with Open Source Platforms

Reap the benefits of other Open Source Network Automation Platforms such as ONAP and OSM.

Co-development with Mobile Operators

Opportunity to develop your ideas together with P.I. Works Applied Research Group.

Aligned with Open RAN Advancements

Near real time automation of the Open RAN architecture along with proprietary equipment.

Dynamic Resource Optimization

Manage your programmable, open network resources in the most efficient way possible with automation.

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