Bolt! Super 4G LTE is World's First LTE SON Deployment

Bolt! Super 4G LTE is World's First LTE SON Deployment

Istanbul-TURKEY-January, 2015 - P.I.Works has demonstrated significant performance improvement with the deployment of a centralized SON solution at BOLT! Super 4G LTE’s LTE-Advanced network in Indonesia. This project is the first of its kind in the world to deploy closed-loop SON optimization functions for a complete LTE network. BOLT! Super 4G LTE is the first 4G LTE operator in Indonesia to reach 1m 4G subscribers, with only 1 year in service. BOLT! Super 4G LTE is aggressively building out their network, having initially targeted the Jakarta metropolitan area and its 35m population, and now step-by-step adding new cities to its service.

P.I.Works deployed its automated P.I.SON optimization solution with closed-loop Mobility Robustness (MRO), Root Sequence Index (RSI), PCI conflict detection and resolution, and complementary Automatic Neighbor Relation (cANR) optimization functions to achieve these outstanding results. BOLT! Super 4G LTE has enjoyed improvements in HO success rate, Service drop rate, lowering of ERAB drop rates, and RACH success rates vs. traditional labor-intensive RNO process. As a result, average throughput rates increased by 25% and 22%, respectively, for UL and DL traffic, despite adding more than 1m subscribers. The P.I.Works c-SON solution allowed for more accurate network settings, making 200,000 parameter changes to impact network performance. The BOLT! network is a highly dynamic environment where 7500 new LTE cells were added since the beginning of the project.

BOLT! Super 4G LTE CTO Devid Gubiani said, “Since the BOLT! network is growing quickly in both sites and in users, a centralized SON solution is necessary for us to compensate for the growing pains. BOLT! is faster at implementing important new technology. That’s why we are the world’s first SON LTE deployment. We have been impressed with P.I.Works. We have learned a lot from them and their experience in larger Operators. The project with P.I.Works was very successful and we are pleased to be working with the experts at P.I.Works”.

P.I.Works CEO M. Başar Akpinar said “We are very excited to deploy our Centralized-SON, Self-Organizing Networks solution to the first TDD-LTE network in Indonesia. P.I.Works is also proud of this deployment being the first worldwide LTE centralized SON deployment by an independent software provider. P.I.SON product is up and running since Q4, 2014 including PCI, RSI, complimentary ANR and MRO fully closed-loop functions. Our new generation, market-leading SON-G solution once again proved itself".

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